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In 12 hours we’ll be drinking and dancing to Dj Havanna Brown!



8 week old Siberian Husky puppy Remmy was only 2.5 lbs when he was brought home. He was  abandoned by his mother at 3 weeks and weighed only 1.1 lbs. He was bottle fed and loved like crazy! Here he is sitting and speaking on command! Too cute for words!!

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"He was just a dumbass" - x

This song is in my head constantly now…and it goes to the point I am imagining hannigram scene with it xD

Check it out now 


The Look 
The Lips 
The Hips 
The Fluff 
The Hair 
The Eyes 
The Skin 
The Tum



Shirtless Mads Mikkelsen Appreciation Post


Chris Pratt - People 2014



Sterek Week begins Monday, Aug 25th and lasts until the following Sunday, Aug 31st. Each day will have it’s own theme, as outlined below. Be sure to track the #SterekWeek tag to catch all of the fantastic posts! Creators, be sure to tag your posts with #SterekWeek so we can find them!

We will be hosting a Sterek Book sale at the end of the week, starting at midnight EST on Saturday (30th) and end on 11:59pm EST on Sunday (31st). There will also be some random hour-long sales throughout the week! Keep an eye out here or on our Twitter to catch a sale and snag your very own Sterek Book. Each book will be $17 + shipping and a portion of each sale will go to the Ali Forney Center, a safe-house for homeless LGBT teens in New York City. All sales will be tagged with #SterekBook!

Sterek Week Daily Themes:

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Can’t wait!



these are all the manips from the gifset. they are all very large but the 2nd one is not only 2230 x 1072 px but every pixel is perfect. you could throw that fucker under a microscope and not find one dot of color out of place. it’s my mona lisa.

  • feel free to use them for sidebars or icons just add a credit to hannigram.com and let me know i wanna see ! :)
You know you could just use tumblr savior and not make some big declaration. No one took you for a sjw...

But the thing here dear…if I am to tumblr saviour…I would have to type A LOT of things and not all of them are tagged anyway and yeah so I make a big announcement here…given that it is unlike anyone paying attention XD

Because yeah…special snowflakes are all over the place now apparently


You don’t have to aggree with me…of course.

now playing: Babbus of the Galaxy!

as always, they are childrens, we must treat them with toys and candy and mild booty shaking. 

I groot.